Water Conservation Tips

Water is an important part of all of our lives.  It’s a necessity to have clean drinking water, but we also use water for many different household purposes.  Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the myriad of ways that they waste water.  Due to this, we have a huge water shortage in the world.  Many countries don’t have access to clean drinking and bathing water.

Below are some ways to conserve water in and around the household that can make a global impact:

1) Don’t waste water: There are many ways that people waste water without even realizing it.  Many of us waste water by taking unnecessarily long showers and running the faucet when it’s not being actively used.  To put things into perspective, a four-minute shower can use up to 20 to 40 gallons of water.  Many people obviously take much longer showers so it’s important to be aware.  One way to cut down on shower wastage is to install a water head that doesn’t allow as much water out.  A very common way to waste water is to allow the faucet to run while brushing your teeth.  The alternative is to just wet the brush prior to brushing.

2) Don’t run half empty loads: The dishwasher and washer should only run when they’re completely full.  When using the dishwasher, it’s a good idea to switch off the “heat dry” option and allow the dishes to dry by air.  Larger pots and pans should be washed by hand so that they don’t take up too much room in the dishwasher.  As far as laundry goes, it’s a good idea to run the washer with cold water.  Nearly 90% of the energy used by washers is to heat the water.

3) Go for tankless: Another way to cut down on energy waste is to choose a tankless water heater.  Hot water is critical for tasks including dishes, laundry, and bathing.  Sadly, all of these activities waste a significant amount of energy.  Luckily, tankless water heaters help to eliminate waste.  Tankless heaters conserve energy as they heat water on a demand basis instead of constantly as conventional heaters do.

4) Don’t waste on plants: A majority of households waste water when watering the lawn as many let the water run too long.  Many people also waste when watering plants.  Therefore, it’s important to only use water when it’s needed.  There are a few ways to conserve here such as using bath water and dish water on the lawn and plants.

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