Easy Solutions to Fix Your Water Heater

Often times, when hot water is not coming out of a faucet or shower people assume that their water heater is broken. Just like any equipment, water heaters need to be properly checked and maintained to prolong its life. It is also best to do an initial investigation on your water heater before you call someone who can fix water heater or purchase a new one. Here are a few simple tips that you can do to avoid spending too much on repairs, professional fees and a new unit.

If hot water is not coming out, check the pilot light of your water heater. This is a common occurrence on a gas fueled water heater. If the pilot light is perfectly fine and hot water is still not coming out, then it may be time to replace the tank’s thermocouple. If the water has a foul smelling odor, a bacterial infection may have occurred inside your water tank. What you need to do is to empty the contents of your tank. Add a couple of pints of hydrogen peroxide to gallons of water and let this sit inside your water tank for no less than 2 hours. Drain out the water and test if the water coming out of the pipes still has any odor.

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